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For the past 5 years, me and my best friend Nathan have talked about the possibility of travelling around the world by land and sea, and so finally we have a route, savings and time to set off around the world. What we are doing is living out a dream, a dream we share with many people worldwide, a dream of travelling this vast, diverse, beautiful and interesting planet, but unlike the many others who keep it as a dream, we have the tenacity to make this dream a reality.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days 99 & 100: Malawi & Zambia

Day 99

The morning was spent trying to exchange money in the city centre, but for some reason which we still don’t understand, none of the banks or bureaux de change’s had much Zambian Kwatcha, and offered a ridiculously poor rate to the dollar if you were looking to buy.

Wanting to get rid of our Malawian Kwatcha we exchanged enough into dollars to get us through the border, then as much as we could into Zambian Kwatcha, some more into Botswanan Pula, and the rest we took to the border to exchange there. The currencies were beginning to become complicated for the first time on the trip.

The border was a relative formality, and we entered the nothingness of east Zambia to cover a lot of ground before the sun set. Without having anywhere in mind to stay for the night, we stumbled across a beautiful small camp called the Luangwa River Bridge Camp just off the main road which was run by a South African guy and his English wife where we rested our heads after yet another long drive.

Day 100

The next real destination of interest on our journey was the Victoria Falls outside Livingston, but we thought we might spend one day in the capital of Lusaka which was on the way. We arrived in Lusaka before midday and parked up to go and get some lunch before we decided whether to stay or carry on driving though the afternoon.

After deciding to carry on driving, we returned to the Landrover to see someone leaning inside with the door open. We both ran down the road towards the car with Nathan arriving on the scene first as I was carrying the laptop bag, when the guy spotted us and began to run. Nathan got a good hard kick at him and ripped the shirt off his back as he tried to apprehend him, but he scampered away having not stolen anything.

We arrived in Livingston and spent around two hours looking for somewhere to camp, eventually finding a hostel where we could park the Landrover around the back and sleep in the rooftent.

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