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For the past 5 years, me and my best friend Nathan have talked about the possibility of travelling around the world by land and sea, and so finally we have a route, savings and time to set off around the world. What we are doing is living out a dream, a dream we share with many people worldwide, a dream of travelling this vast, diverse, beautiful and interesting planet, but unlike the many others who keep it as a dream, we have the tenacity to make this dream a reality.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Days 29 & 30: Egypt

Day 29

The next morning we awoke to find Romana still being extremely clingy, and waiting for us outside the hotel. By this stage I was convinced he was gay and was attracted to me and I was trying my hardest to shake him off without just telling that I’m not gay.

The four of us went to see the Suez canal taking a passenger boat across the water, and whilst I tried to avoid Romana, Nathan and Caz were lapping up my misfortune, laughing and giggling as I was trying commenting on attractive girls we were passing, trying to make my position clear without being direct.

We eventually went our separate ways much to my relief, and drove on the Cairo through the chaotic traffic that churns up in the city on a regular basis. The Romana jokes from Nathan and Caz continued for the rest of the evening, as we stayed up drinking Arak and looking forward to visiting the pyramids the next day.

Day 30

With the traffic and parking in Cairo being an absolute nightmare, I awoke early to move the Landrover to a better parking place, and then we had booked a tour of the Pyramids at Giza and Saqqara along with a trip to Memphis which included a tour guide and transport for a reasonable price.

First up was the short drive out to Giza to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Things started to go badly when we arrived at the smaller pyramid as I had lost my entrance ticket to the tomb. After paying again, we descended the small entrance tunnel deep inside the humid pyramid. The air pressure and humidity was too much for my nose, which then started to bleed all over the floor. Whilst trying to find some tissues from her bag, Caz dropped 600EGP/£54/€60 inside the tomb before we headed outside again. Once she had noticed, we all knew it was too late, but it was still worth trying to go back and find it. On the way back down, Caz smacked her head against the low ceiling of the pyramid entrance and knocked herself out for 30seconds!!! The tour guide was convinced we were drunk or had been smoking the local herb!

We got to see the Sphinx in Giza before heading to Saqqara and Memphis to see the other sites. It was an amazing day, and we were all glad that we had arranged for a guide and a driver, as trying to navigate Cairo by ourselves would have been impossible.

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  1. sheer brilliance Jen, I have just laughed the whole way through!!! OH THE BEST TIMES! :)


    Love you two! :)